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Our factory located in industrial centre area in Shenzhen China, equipped with a 10000sq production facility and a total workforce of 300 people, among which engineers and supervisors and all well-educated and sophisticated in mold industry.


We are specialized in injection mold manufacturing and mold plastic parts for 12 years, and we are well versed in multi-cavity moldhot-runner moldclear parts mold, and apply for photographic equipmenthome electronic appliances, auto and park system through untiring effort and improvement.


Our professional R&D team can fulfill the customers demand of diverse precision and complicated mold. Modern equipment and efficient management system are the backing assure the product quality and on-time deliver. We enjoy the good relationship with famous mold part and raw material suppliers such as DME, HASCO, CUMSA, MOLD MASTER, and GE.


Our equipment are mainly imported from Taiwan and Japan, high speed CNC in VCM and FANUC brand. Fitting machine in big and medium size, high preciso charmilles EDM and wire cut machine in sodick brand.

120 injection machines and 10 of them are double injection machines. Our equipment capacity range is from 60 tons to 380 tons. In order to fulfill customers demand exactly and promptly.


Our mold have been sold to many countries and won the customer’s high praise for our untiring efforts, especially developed countries in Europe and the United states. We constantly pursue excellent service and product, we serve every customer by individual project engineer especially assigned for each case, offering professional and integrity technical study upon customers every request. We are not only acquired ISO9001:2015, but also apply for HI-tech Enterprise qualification now.


We firmly believe strongest struggling for mutual benefit, prosperity comes from dedication and hardworking, and great achievement are vitally related with efforts from ourselves.

Tooling solutions

We look forward to being your manufacturing partner on your journey to improve your efficiencies and your profitability. Our goal is to help unclutter your manufacturing floor; resulting in greater yields. With our two manufacturing facilities we are the perfect size. We’re large enough to handle your high-volume molding & assembly needs, yet small enough to focus on customer-specific requirements.

Commodity Grade
Filled &unfilled
High Temp Exotics
Engineered Grade
Tool Maintence
Tool Design
Tool Modifications
Tool Warehousing
Our large volume assembly services eliminate any middle men.This provides one resource and offers a cost effective solution.We utilize fully automated assembly machine we have bought or built ourselves as well as utilizing customer supplied equipment. In case where the volume doesnot warrant the expense of fully automated machines, we will utilize our semi-automatic equipment or hand-set assembly as a visable option
Over Molding
Commodity Grade
Pad Printing
Assembly Services
60 Tons-380Tons

 With over 60 machines,we have a wide range of custom injection molding solutions serving a range of strategic markets, Guolan Plastics has been focused around providing customers with a comprehensive solution to their plastics needs. As technology and markets continue to evolve we stay committed to reinvesting back into our infrastructure and expanding our resources so we can always provide the best available value in the custom injection molding supply chain. Whether our customers have simple shoot and ship type of products, or comprehensive assembly and value add opportunities we welcome the opportunity to showcase our extensive engineering and technology services.

Automatic Assembly
Insert Molding
2-shot Molding
Injection Molding
Semi-automatic Assembly
Filled &unfilled
High Temp Exotics
Engineered Grade
Hand-Set Assembly
Heat Staking
Hot stamping
Ultra-Sonic Welding

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